The Power of New Energy
World Stage for Sustainable Technologies & Innovations
Join World leaders, leading new energy and green technology subject matter experts, Nobel laureates, scientists, professors, economists, state leaders, top government officials, CEOs of large national and international companies, policy makers, sustainability organizations, economic organizations, environmentalists, government agencies and global angel investors and world media.
"You did a spectacular job of putting the symposium together. The federal and state contacts I made are invaluable. I am sure that Global Energy Efficiency will succeed in developing new USG opportunities through the contacts that were made at the WGES. I also made some outstanding contacts with some of the companies, inventors, and innovators who presented." Thomas Dresdner, GEEC

WGES Niagara is Now A Closed Event - Thank You For Attending

if you missed it -you still have a window of opportunity to Register for the WGES Fall Program in Washington DC.......

 Doors Open to this World Event on April 22 (EARTH DAY 2014) - April 24

Niagara Falls 

One of the 7 Wonders of the World, One of the Greatest Sources of Hydroelectric Power in the World,

and the Host City of the 2014 WGES!   


New York State is partnering with the WGES to bring top experts to Niagara Falls USA for World Event featuring economic programs, sustainable products & technologies in new energy

“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.”  -   Albert Einstein
The WGES Hosts, Ambassadors, and Partners invite you to Join Us at this Amazing & Beautiful Setting for this 2014 World Event!

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“Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.”  - Albert Einstein

The WGES attracts the best minds and top decision makers through a carefully planned  strategic process which has developed into the foundation leading to an outstanding premier technical educational program providing a world stage for a platform of education and information exchange on new and existing advances in sustainable energy. The WGES has a track record  for attracting World Class Exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest sustainable and innovative products and technologies.

WGES has made its mark consecutively since its inception in 2008, the program focuses on green/renewable energy technology and innovations in existing technologies as the vantage point  in the new economy creating and maintaining jobs, contract and exporting opportunities, and new policies leading to economic vitality and a healthier planet.

The WGES provides opportunities for networking, learning, exchanging, exhibiting and investing in the future of the new energy and green technology and innovation  & solutions  to improve existing technologies. It is made up of a G2G, B2B and B2G audience. It also provides a platform to showcase products & technologies to an enthusiastic and forward thinking audience looking  for solutions.

This is a leading technical symposium known for attracting the top echelon of speakers, scientists, researchers, innovators, officials, corporate leaders, exhibitors, program and contracting  officers and a track record of proven results and equal caliber of sponsors and  participants (ref. testimonials.  Since its inception it has developed a stellar reputation drawing the best minds. The following agencies and Officials, sponsors, and partners are among those who enrich the WGES programs with their attendance and participation; United States Department of Defense, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Commerce, United States General Services Administration, Public Building Services, United States
Department of Transportation, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Labor; Fortune 500 and PRIMES such as; DOW, Aecom, Tishman, Siemans, Mark Andrews, General Electric, Johnson Controls, Constellation, IBM, StructureTone among others, Mayors & their Offices, Governors, Economic Development & Planning Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Major Universities, Environmental & Trade Organizations. 

What Makes WGES A Successful Investment of Time: Partial list of Testimonials from past WGES Events.."This has been the best symposium I have ever been to"...(WGES PA 3 Day Trade Show)..."5 STARS RATING" (2009,2010, 2011, 2012 WGES Sponsor/Exhibitor)...."What was different with the World Green Energy Symposium from the other green energy events,was exhibitors and attendees were specific to our targeted audience - everyone we connected with was involved in the industry and knowledgeable, which made our investment worthwhile." (WGES Exhibitor)  "It was a quality, not just a quantity for the sake of quantity event. It was well planned and worthy of our time...."(WGES participant) We received 5 solid leads for major projects, which is more than any event I have attended...(WGES Exhibitor)


 We APPLAUD WGES...(WGES Global Sponsors

 The 7 Reasons to Participate in WGES because          

1.Top Experts cover well planned agenda of current topics/training for your business and agency in this industry. 


2. New policies are unveiled and proposed policies discussed. 


3.Case Studies are presented with information detailing when project commenced, obstacles, hurdles & lessons learned, where & how funding was procured, technologies & Innovations & papers are presented. 


4.Industry exhibitors present new innovative products, technology, innovations. services and government agencies exhibit providing information on procurement & contracting information.      


5.Roundtable and One on One Mentorship discussions with experts in government, business, educational, environmental leaders who will share their viewpoints & experience. 

6.Latest updates on lending, investing, exporting, contracting & jobs 


7.Networking with top decision makers in B2B, B2G, G2G and academia in an environment of education and information exchange to a well defined multi-discipline target audience, global media coverage with a track record as a premier world event.
 Who is Invited to Attend      
  • Industry Leaders/Officials their Program & Contracting Officers seeking business and/or to procure innovations & technologies,   


  • Federal, State, Local Government Officials, Policymakers, Agency Program Managers, Employees & Contracting Specialists seeking to identify, inform, exchange & outreach with public and private sectors within this field,     


  • Government Agencies, Government Contractors, Global Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Environmental Organizations & Academia seeking to Partner/Exhibit/Export/Contract or Subcontract/Create Green Jobs, 


  • Lenders, Financial Institutions & Investors seeking qualified customers,


  • Engineers, Architects, Program Managers & Developers seeking updates, 


  • Manufacturers, R&D and Distributors with new technologies & Innovations,


  • Scientists, Professors, IT Professionals, Researchers & Innovators providing updates/education & information


  • Universities seeking information on jobs & new disciplines,


  • Chambers, Consulates, Trade Organizations....

Why You Want to Attend:

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Informed!

WGES Hits The Mark Again! 

 Here are just a few of the remarks from participants...For those of you who were not there, here are just a few of the reasons why you want to sign up early for WGES:    
"The WGES DC speakers were world-class, and the symposium classes were first rate, our company made numerous important contacts who viewed our technology demonstration.  WGES DC is one of the best events I have attended in years". Lawrence Silverman, GridPlex Networks and Zumo Energy
"The World Green Energy Symposium was a great platform… Not many forums have an all-inclusion of stakeholders from policy makers to the individuals and entities that must spend the financial resources to meet such initiatives….Samuel Burlum, Extreme Energy Solutions…


“I appreciated the chance to engage.  The event was worthwhile, the participants engaging, and the success of getting the green energy message out was clear”….U.S. Federal Government Officer…


The WGES event was fantastic. WGES, brought together under one umbrella, high-level decision makers from government and municipal agencies who were committed to finding innovative green energy and technology solutions. These decision makers cared, listened, and pointed us in the right direction. Thank you WGES.  Donta' D. Bell,  ApplyRapid, Inc.



Professor Robert Gallagher,

Executive Chairman WGES Organizing Council
The WGES Testimonials just keep coming!   

We (DOW) applaud the WGES and its efforts to raise awareness and elevate the importance of energy efficiency.” Global Sponsor of WGES Philadelphia Expo


You know it as one of the great natural wonders of the world. But did you know that the power behind Niagara Falls also helps generate some of the least expensive electricity anywhere?
The Niagara Falls area is among the largest wine regions in the United States and Canada. Niagara area vineyards produce diverse types of wine, including those made with native grapes.

If you would like to be a Volunteer Please down load this application and forward to

 The (WGES) brings together some of the best minds to connect in an educational and informational exchange platform while attracting top decision makers and thought leaders who are seeking energy usage savings solutions and/or to increase economic development through the use of sustainable technologies and products. The WGES Trade Showcase is a rare opportunity to see firsthand some of the most
innovative and advanced products to meet those demands located under one roof." Professor Gallagher

Below is a list of Invited and Participating Local & Federal Agencies, (Note: Agencies listed have all participated in previous WGES in some capacity)include: 
U.S.Department of Energy
U.S.Department of Defense - Pentagon
U.S.Department of Transportation
U.S.Department of Homeland Security
U.S.General Services Administration  
U.S.Department of Commerce 
U.S.Department of Labor - Women's Bureau
U.S. Small Business Administration