Things You Need to Know About Bathroom sink vanity units Today

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Things You Need to Know About Bathroom sink vanity units Today

Bathroom sink with vanity units are now taking prime position in the bathroom and indeed becoming one of the focal points of the room. Available in a great many choices of color, size, and texture, they can totally transform the look of your bathroom. Bathroom vanities are like a piece of art. They bring a unique look to your bathroom that no other fixture does. When remodeling your bathroom, and choosing your bathroom vanities, the first thing to take into consideration is what style of bathroom you are after. Do you want it to look traditional or contemporary?

bathroom toilet and sink vanity units

Depending on what you decide will help you to settle from a wide choice of bathroom vanities and sinks. Once you’ve decided on the style that you want, you need to take some measurements and that again will narrow down the search and help you decide whether to settle on a double sink vanity or single sink.

36 bathroom vanity with offset sink

Even after getting this far, you still need to reach a decision on what type of wood, whether you want something quite fancy and what style of sink. When choosing a vanity price may have to play a large part in your decision. If you’re on a strict budget you might not have quite so much choice. Now don’t be fooled into thinking that by “cheap” we sell inferior or tacky products – far from it. Instead we offer our customers discounted prices from the savings we make by not having a brick and mortar store, such as rent, and heating and lighting.

Which Sink is right for me?

Determining the right sink for you is a big decision you need to make when remodeling or building your bathroom. You first need to think about who will be using the bathroom- do you have small children or older adults using the space and how much traffic will the bathroom be getting?

Educate yourself on the types of bathroom sinks and how they install before you choose the one for you.

Vessel sinks are essentially bowls that rest on top of the vanity counter top. Vessel sinks come in several shapes, sizes, and colors. The bowl is free-standing and is raised up from the counter top.

top mount sink on granite countertop

Self –rimming or top mount sinks are sinks that fit into a cutout of the vanity counter top. You can see the rim of the sink and is secured on the vanity top. These types of sinks can come in many shapes and sizes. You may see square, round, or rectangular top mount sinks.

wall mounted bathroom sinks and vanities

Wall mounted sinks are attached to the wall and most of the time are used in smaller bathrooms. With most wall mounted sinks you can see the piping underneath; however, some come with a cover or casing. Pedestal bathroom sinks are related to wall mounted sinks because they are attached to the all; however, you can’t see the piping and plumbing. The sink resets on a pedestal but there is no storage with a pedestal sink.

Undermount bathroom vanity sinks

Undermount bathroom vanity sinks are installed underneath the vanity counter top and you can’t see the rim or outline of the sink. The vanity counter top flows evenly as there is just a drop for the sink area rather than having the entire sink outlined on the top. Undermount bathroom sinks also come in many shapes and sizes.

When choosing your sink you want to make sure your faucets will fit with the sink and can be installed in the type of sink you choose.

corner glass bathroom sink vanity units

The material used in your sink is also important. There are many different materials to choose from- glass, vitreous china/porcelain, and metal. Glass sinks are commonly used for vessel sinks and tempered glass is most popular as it is resistant to cracking and shattering. Glass sink bowls are easy to clean but need to be maintained as hard water spots can be formed if not wiped down properly. Vitreous china/porcelain sinks are ceramic sinks that are easy to clean and very popular. They can chip or crack if hit hard or something is dropped on them. Metal sinks can be a different source of material (copper, brass, and stainless steel). These sinks are very popular if the correct metal thickness is used as they won’t dent. Be sure to do your research and know what material is used in your sink so you are able to clean and maintain it properly.

white bathroom sink vanity units

All bathroom vanities are not the same. So you need to have decided the best and most effective way of utilizing your bathroom space and creating maximum storage. Vanity units are also made from solid wood, such as oak, maple and cherry, which won’t warp in high temperatures or steamy conditions, unlike some cheaper inferior vanities.

Naturally when choosing bathroom vanities and sinks you need to select something that matches your décor. Our white vanities look modern and clean and make a bathroom look light and airy. However, we also have wood finishes that match older style properties, giving an antique effect, or we have black bathroom cabinets that look amazing in modern, funky bathrooms. So don’t waste you valuable time going from one showroom to another, just log in to your computer and do your shopping online, any time of day or night.

Gallery of Things You Need to Know About Bathroom sink vanity units Today

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